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Before editing my 70+ page thesis, Kaitlyn had a Skype consultation with me. She listened carefully to the argument and structure of my paper, clarified any obscure points promptly, and took notes so that she could keep my points and purpose in mind when editing my paper. In addition to her excellent English writing ability, Kaitlyn is very capable in reading advanced Classical Chinese. My paper involved quite a lot of Chinese sources, and I can tell that she read through my paper thoroughly, including footnotes. She sent me a well-edited paper back within three days as promised. I feel very confidant in my work when Kaitlyn edits my papers, and she is very easy too work with. I did and will keep recommending her to other classmates and friends because she is so reliable and won’t disappoint you. I sincerely recommend her!

Expect the best

Projects are priced by the manuscript page, which is defined by the industry as 250 words. This way, you can know exactly how much polishing your project will cost! 
  • Word count does not include bibliography.
  • There is a minimum charge of $15 per project.
  • Projects are typically completed within one week, depending on length.
  • Projects can be expedited for an additional rush fee (25-50% depending on deadline).
Contact Polished Editing with a writing sample for a quick and easy estimate of how much editing your project requires to shine or use the calculator below!
Project-based pricing is available for book projects. Contact me for a tailored estimate.

Is your paper in need of a quick polish? Don't worry about nasty little punctuation, spelling, or grammar errors with super speedy proofreading!


Proofreading  ($4/page)


Copyediting  ($6/page)

Take your paper to the next level! In addition to proofreading, receive feedback on the structure, formatting, clarity, and consistency of your argument.

Polished Package

Make sure your work is polished to perfection with this complete editing treatment!

*Includes all available services*

(Content-level editing, 1 hr Skype consultation, translation, reference check)



Skype Consultation ($20/hour)


Content Editing ($8/page)

Content editing is an intensive form of editing that goes beyond single words or sentences to rework whole passages and check for inaccuracies and missing information.

I recommend content editing to my ESL/EFL clients to make sure they get all the help they need to succeed!

Want to discuss your project with an experienced writing tutor? Just talking through your ideas and questions can save you valuable time frustration at any stage of the writing process, from brainstorming to final revisions!

I am also happy to consult on private school and university application packages!


Translation ($.50/char)

Searching for the right words? I have the expertise to help you polish Chinese and Japanese terms and quotes --both modern and Classical!--so that your English shines just as bright.


Reference Check ($.5-1.00/page)

Easily ensure that your footnotes and citations are formatted properly with this extra service!

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